Lights, Camera, Wedding Cake Base!
November 8, 2016



Yesterday we had our very first exhibit at the Wedding Expos Australia in Melbourne. The excitement I had leading up to it was quite palpable. At one point I had to stop and question …am I really that excited (heart racing, pacing, hot flushes) or am I about to throw up lol. I know if my daughter was reading this about now she’s be rolling her eyes up saying ‘omg mum like stop saying LOL when you don’t know how to use it’ (its all good Bella x).
We were so organised but last minute preps meant that we crashed at 1 in the morning. The alarm thought it was funny to ring half an hour later and dashing in the shower I was so grateful I had beautified myself the night before. As I gave myself a mental Hi-5 Dad’s words were echoing in my head (or was it Einstein’s I’m not sure) “don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today”. So Glad the main works had been completed the night before lol.

Mr punctuality was by my side the whole time and would you believe we were the first to start setting up. The excitement leading up to this event started to crash at 6, when we were about to set up. I looked at the guy next to me, a veteran being in the business for 16 years, and without me having to speak a word he said “Don’t worry you will be ok”. That was Bobby from Artshot Photography. He happens to be down the road from us so I felt quite at home. He was setting himself up with his wife and he was explaining how people generally come to get information, no one really comes to make a big decision. It gave me some context which was great.

And then it happened. Like Ninjas we set up the exhibit (we really were so fast) and then it all came to life. My excitement rose and heart started pumping. Our team meeting at 9 consisted of Nabil (my brother), Maryam (my cousin who is due any day), Darren (my gorgeous partner) and myself. It was a bit weird in all honesty to be eating lahm-ib achen for breakfast on this day but it hit the spot. Maryam’s question saw me like a deer in headlights when she asked, “so have you thought about prices???”

The doors open. Up come a couple who look at each other and point at us and “oh my goodness they get it” I’m thinking. They walk up to us and say “oh my GODDDD that is the best CAAAAKKEEEE”. I informed them, in the same tone as I would to explain the truth about the tooth fairy to my 6 year old, that we don’t make cakes, but here is the card of the lady that does. And they were not the first to be smitten by the cakes made by Lynda at Bon Appe-Sweet, who was so generous to lend them to us for our display.20161023_100742

God love Maryam. She was a God send. She tied her hair up, pulled her maternity pants up high and said “let’s do this”. Her baby bump clearly making anything below the horizon invisible. At some point I took Maryam but the shoulders, looked her right in the eyes and said,” If your water breaks, you’re holding it in”. Like a champion she looked at me with the same dedication and said, “You BET!” Nothing more had to be said.


There were hardly any males that came through. It seemed that the brides came with their bridesmaids and mums and made it a girls day out. The interest from people were definitely there. It’s such a new category that you could see people reading our banner and trying to fit it into their concept of weddings. They know you need a photographer, a venue, a cake, but a WeddingCakeBase was something they hadn’t thought of, and they were trying to see how it fit into that matrix. Many came around and nearly all wanted to take a pamphlet and business card. The excitement about the fact that the WeddingCakeBase can morph into a keepsake they can actually use AFTER the wedding blew them away. We had many people take photos to show their other half. One girl showed me her whole Pinterest page and how she wanted to have a wedding cake with books and two dragons on top. It was really interesting and we discussed an idea to engrave the top of the WeddingCakeBase with two dragons and fill them with glow in the dark resin or glitter and use it either as a wall plaque, side table or centrepiece for her dining table.

I was blown away at people’s excitement and appreciation for Australian Hardwoods. We had created a Mirrored Bling WeddingCakeBase and it was also well received.  The fact that we produce all things in house impressed them too. The metal bands and the hand made steel legs were a hit. I really felt like it didn’t need convincing. There were a lot of mums who came with their daughter and could see how such a keepsake could be used. The most exciting and heart-warming moments were when people’s eyes lit up as they realised the potential, the application, the practical nature and the beauty of these WeddingCakeBases. So lovely to share in someone’s excitement, and it took me back to when we all started this. It was Maryam’s wedding where she wanted a base for her cake, because she didn’t like the cardboard one that cakes sit on.

I learned a lot, and met some lovely people that do interesting things. Matt and Jess from Song Smith & Co create unique personalised wedding songs. Who’d have thought? I went Facebook LIVE three times and seemed to get a better hang of it. There were no sales at this time, as to be expected of our very first Expo. A lot of interest and minds starting to wonder and create and breathe a new life into this industry that has never existed like this before.


  1. Chris says:

    I’m so proud that you’ve both started your business Hedeel and Darren. The woodwork speaks for itself. Beautiful simplicity. Gorgeous keepsakes to use and re-use for every family event for a lifetime.

  2. Helen from Marry Me Helley Celebrant Services says:

    I was absolutely blown away by your creativity and craft work. I certainly will be ordering a couple for own personal use!
    It was great to meet a fellow exhibitor fairly new to all this Expo stuff!
    I predict you’ll be experiencing great success very, very soon!
    Great blog too!
    Well done.

    • weddingcakebase says:

      Helen your words are very kind thankyou. It is an exciting time and I was so happy to be able to discuss and create with brides something that is really significant to them 🙂

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