Lights, Camera, Wedding Cake Base!

October 25, 2016
Special Project
November 23, 2016

Lights, Camera, Wedding Cake Base!

I received a message the other day. A boudoir photographer by the name of Carol from Images with Carol was wanting to catch up and talk Wedding Cake Bases. Gladly I made a time and we caught up shortly after.

15007692_1120768678044196_1228375775_oCarol has a studio at the back of her home, where it is set up to take photographs of soon to be brides in their bare nothings with the excitement of presenting their photos to their husband on their wedding night. Carol was keen to discuss the type of Wedding Cake Base that would suit the brief, and we got creative.

It was a delightful collaboration, a mix of French provincial chique, golden flecks and warm humour and conversation.  We discussed the design…What shape would best suit the space? How tall shall it stand? What style of legs would set it off? What features and finish will befit such a piece in such a niche? We collaborated and gesticulated and Carol posed herself onto the bed as she measured how h15007844_1120768688044195_1197695688_oigh she wants the Wedding Cake Base to be. I left the meeting feeling like I knew exactly what Carol wanted – that we had met on a plane of understanding and shared the same excitement and vision.

During the creation of this piece I was unsure of how much gold leaf Carol envisaged, so we video chatted over static airways and I was able to show her the progress.  Laying on the floor to show her all angles and tilting the piece so she can see the detailed inlay where the gold leaf was inset. She seemed very, VERY happy with what was coming to life before her eyes and although the reception was not good I’m preeeety sure she said, “It’s perfect!!! Oh My GOD it’s absolutely perfect!!”

From the sealing of the gold leaf to the pouring of the glossy resin to the forging of the steel legs it was truly crafted with love.

Best of all was the sheer delight that washed over Carol’s face when I delivered it. It truly was the most rewarding part of it all.

This is it. Proudly adorned in her new title of “Golden Goddess”, nestled alongside the beautiful paper blooms by Vespaper Creations


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  1. Carol says:

    I can’t put into words the excitement of having a piece created exactly and perfectly for me! It was obvious from the moment we met that you had such an amazing creative streak, and understood every nuance of my needs and wants with this piece. I was so comfortable to let you have free reign once we settled on parameters, because I just knew it would be perfect, and I was right!

    I must admit though, it WAS fun to watch the video of you laying on the ground to show me just the right angles, I LOVE working with fun people and you are one of the best!!

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