Special Project

Lights, Camera, Wedding Cake Base!
November 8, 2016

Special Project

This is a story about a “Special Bride.” It was an unexpected request for a WeddingCakeBase (the request and story behind this piece I will go into more detail at a later date).

The Special Bride is young, and has a smile that radiates from her soul. Her wedding day was the one day she desired, more than anything else, to be her own manifestation of the love and commitment she has for her fiancé.  The Special Bride desired a rustic themed wedding.  The Special Bride also had a specific request for her Wedding Cake Base … a special log. She had seen this special log in searching for her dream wedding, and commissioned us to personalise one just for her.  The Special Bride, together with her devoted fiancé, wished that the log be a certain height, have certain characteristics, and have their names engraved within a love heart alongside their wedding date. It was a most beautiful idea.  Certainly creative, most confidently achievable …. right?

Rustic weddings are very popular these days and people love the texture, look and emotional sentiment of wood.  It brings with it a sense of grounding, using nature as the inspiration. The rustic wedding setting does not demand the lavishness and opulence of traditional weddings held in more formal settings. The outdoor setting is clearly the easiest way to really get that rustic feel, such as the country or even the beach. The idea is to incorporate nature and all of it’s beauty into their special day. All one needs is their creativity to express their individuality. The beauty and the fundamental nature of a rustic wedding is that simple touches with a lot of personality can speak volumes.

So the Special Bride longed for a semi naked cake on top of this gorgeous special log. We could all see it so clearly – the vision, from conception to creation.  After all, it was easy to forecast the type of keepsake this Wedding Cake Base would become.  It really was a case of natural evolution. It lends itself most ideally to be a bedside table or feature table – we can forge some beautiful long legs to make it higher and be used as that table that sits in the corner, where you place your pot plant on or throw down your sunnies and keys … goodness it could even become a little seat …. however this is not the case.  The Special Bride had a different destiny for her special log.  The Special Bride wants the end product of her special log to be a wall plaque, as a visual memento of her enchanting day.  Hence the title  ♥ Special Project ♥

There was some discussion about how this can be, as a Wedding Cake Base in log form does not lend itself naturally to be a wall plaque.  After all, we are talking about a piece … of … log.  It will easily be 20-30cm high, 40cm in diameter and weigh 30kg.  But you see, this is the thing.  We create custom Wedding Cake Bases, individual design, how the bride and groom wish it to be.  We make it happen. And the word custom comes with a capital “C” because at the end of the day, it’s about encapsulating the laughter and the joy and the euphoria and the life lived into one tangible keepsake … a tangible memory that with a mere touch will bring all these joys back to the surface.


And that was that.  The Special Bride will have her Special Log, and hang it too.  I will keep you in suspense for the remainder of  this story and how a log actually transforms into the most heartfelt keepsake as a wall plaque, taking a special space in a special home.

The Special Bride loved the idea we came up with, and yet again I realised through the strength of character from this Special Bride, that there is nothing that is not achievable in this world, including the limitations we place on ourselves.

More to come … just a few  more sleeps x




  1. Emil says:

    Loved the write up. Looking forward to seeing the piece come to life.

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